Stargate 'Lonely ship' Fiction

For all the ships that may never be

Stargate Lonely Shippers Fiction - For rare ships
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Stargate Lonely Shipper fiction is for rare relationship pairings in both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis tv shows.

Affiliated with stargateficrec

We do not accept fiction for the following pairs.
SG-1: Sam/Jack, Daniel/Jack
SGA:Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/Teyla, McKay/Weir, McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Beckett.

Reasons for this are that this commnunity is for fanfic on other less focused on pairings.

However the exception to this rule is multiship fiction!

We would for example accept things such as major pairing with other pairing (Sam/Jack with Sam/Pete angst) or even mixing of two major pairings (Shep/Weir with McKay/Weir UST).
OT3 (love triangles or threeway pairings), OT4 etc also accepted.

Rules for submissions are:

1. Include following details

Universal - suitable for all
General - suitable for older children
Teen - suitable for teens or if under parental guidance ;for minor violence and sensual scenes
Adult - hopefully fairly explanatory, suitabe for legal adults; for sexual fics and those including extreme violence.
please state what season and episodes, especially if for those unaired in other countries
you must state warnings for the following: slash, character deaths, tragedy, torture, non-consensual sex
A/N: (optional)

2. Titles for fic posts should be formatted as following

Show, Season: Title (Pairings) Part ? of ? - Rating and Warnings

E.g. SG1, S6: Carter's Date (Sam/Jan) Part 1 of ? - Teen + Slash

3. No Mary Sues or Gary Stu's - to see if your character is one go here
The only exception to this is for intentionally humourous ones.

4. The body of the story should be either behind a lj cut as so but without the spaces < lj-cut > story here < /lj-cut > or linked to elsewhere using usual html link tags.

That's the rules. Onto conduct...

1. We do not require members to post fic (though it is encouraged since some one has to) but we ask that readers contribute by commenting on stories they have read. This is no a requirement but it is a courtesy and something we hope you will do. Feed those starving fic authors and you never know you may get more...

2. Other than that remember to treat everyone, even those with ships you don't support, in a civilised manner and we should all get on just fine. :)

3. Comments pertaining to story improvement are fine but personal attacks on an author's style or choice of fic pairing/genre are not acceptable - if you don't like the type of fic just don't read. No flaming! No shipper wars will be tolerated.

Challenges will also be posted once a months by me. They might be on a topic or a genre or a pairing, who knows, you'll have to wait and see. Feel free to make suggestions, I may well use them.

Discussion is allowed too if people can keep it polite and refrain from I'm right/you're wrong arguments and we welcome links to lonely ship pairings music videos too.

That's all, now onto the fics etc!